Monthly Archives: July, 2008

News & Updates

An update Saturday in the T-P regarding the film tax credit scandal is worth reading. Another name added to the list of perpetrators–or in this case purpose-traitors for these folks are traitors to Louisiana. They used, abused and stole from the taxpayers and got caught. And they impacted the state’s creative industry, music in particular, in ways from which it has not recovered.

Ok, that’s all I’m going to say about that.

I sat through the entire Tom Petty documentary, “Runnin Down a Dream” and am very glad I did. An amazing film, an incredible artist. In fact, we watched it again the next day. It’s that good.

I know I’ve recommended this before, but if you’re trying to keep up with tons of information, try and push your capacity for overload. The range of subjects/sources seems to be expanding weekly. Headlines from publications and resources you never knew existed are aggregated under subjects ranging from the traditional news, sports, politics, to specialty areas like nonprofits, green and technology. Be careful, you might get lost.

I’ve been scanning what remains of my collection of Bas Clas memorabilia and music. Of course the fact that the band is now booked to play Friday, Oct 31 at Downtown Alive and Saturday, November 1 at the Blue Moon Saloon in Lafayette is probably to blame for my trips down nostalgia lane. We haven’t played since December 2006, so this is a big deal–at least to a few folks. It’s nice to have something fun on the horizon