OK, so here’s where you expect to find out the background stuff. The Who, What, Where & Why. I believe in what I do so I do not hide behind my web moniker, though you gotta admit, NOLAmotion is a pretty cool phrase.

My name is Steve Picou. I live in New Orleans. Yes, I lost damn near everything I owned in the flood. All my personal history, files, pictures, belongings, are gone. Funny thing is that in that same year I also lost my job (see R.I.P. LMC for some of that story), my mom and much of my city. 2005 was a pretty sucky year, to say the least.

Through all of the past few years of tribulations, my partner, Grasshopper Mendoza, helped me make it. She’s the best thing to ever happen to me. We work together as community builders, trying to find the right ways to be better citizens in our fractured world. In March 2008 I was hired by the LSU AgCenter to promote better, sustainable building practices and all things green. In fact, I was the first person at the AgCenter to have the words “green” and “sustainable” in their job description. That job was “jindalled” in October 2012. Grasshopper and I have a consulting business, NOLAVibe, and we’re trying to help build Louisiana’s water economy and much more.

I’m a change agent, and try very hard to be effective. I have a long history in music, politics, the environment and community action. I’ve worked in radio, television, advertising, and all aspects of event production. From 1976 to 1991 I was a full time musician and lead guitarist of a rock band called Bas Clas. We’re still at it, with CD releases in 2012, 2013, and 2015. In 1992 I began working at the Louisiana Music Commission, a state agency, led by Ellis Marsalis and Bernie Cyrus, and became the first-ever Assistant Director, a job I held until it was terminated in May 2005 (noted above). My LInkedin profile has a fairly thorough history.

This blog site is where I vent my spleen, share interesting news, and challenge myself and others to do better.



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