A Proud Legacy

This is a rather primitive path in a park out west:

Redwood Path

Redwood Path

This is what the N.O. City Park Improvement Association, park directors and contracted designers consider a modern path:

N.O. City Park Path

N.O. City Park Path

Don’t you feel better knowing that people on the public payroll showed their wisdom in the management of one of the world’s great municipal parks by designing, reviewing and approving nearly a mile of polluting, impermeable, heat-inducing asphalt eight feet wide? This really brings New Orleans into the 21st Century! Heck, now you can even drive a car in places you couldn’t before. We sure are in good hands.

I want to thank all the wonderful people around the world who continue to contribute to our renewal. I know you will be impressed when you see how we’ve become such good stewards of our landscape in the aftermath of Katrina. Come to think of it, we might even make a few more bucks showing the world how we do this.

I don’t know about you, but I’m so proud right now I could cry.

Permeable Pavement Workshop Link


5 responses

  1. Maggie Mortensen

    This just about made me cry… I guess there must have been a nice fat contract for asphalt to be handed out by someone.

    Will we never learn?

    Several years back at JazzFest I saw a T-shirt with a printed image of the Earth as seen from space, captioned “One World, One People, One Slab of Asphalt”.

    1. Maggie is that you?

      Find me at Priory.

  2. Glenn DeVillier

    that path looks like a state park in oregon. its amazingly beautiful. if its the one i am thinking of, the path leads to natural spring baths. nice. that asphalt is disgusting. pea gravel or some such would have been elegant.

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