Antoinette K-Doe Passes on Mardi Gras Day

2005 Krewe du Vieux Queen Antoinette K-Doe

2005 Krewe du Vieux Queen Antoinette K-Doe

The world lost another great light with the passing of Antoinette K-Doe earlier on this beautiful Mardi Gras Day. With the city packed with revelers and many making their annual pilgrimage to the Mother in Law Lounge, the loss of Ms. Antoinette is a poignant reminder of the fragility of the city’s quirky social fabric. A beloved character whose smile and hospitality touched the lives of all who ever met her, Ms. Antoinette was an inspiration, a resilient torch bearer of the soul of New Orleans. It was because of Ms. Antoinette that Ernie K-Doe’s career found a second wind. She took command of his life and revived him physically and spritually, returning him to his adoring fans and sharing with us the delightful, over-the-top wisdom of the Emperor of the Universe that we will celebrate as long as there is a New Orleans. We are grateful for having shared her love, her remarkable stories and her joie de vivre. Thank you Ms. Antoinette.

UPDATE: A wake and viewing will be held today, Friday Feb 27, from 2pm to 7pm at the Mother in Law Lounge. Funeral services will take place Saturday at St. James Methodist Church, 1925 Ursulines Ave at 11am. Visitation will be from 9am to 11am. Following services there will be a jazz procession to historic St. Louis Cemetary #2 on Claiborne Ave where the body of Antoinette will join Ernie K-Doe  (Danny Barker is also interred there) in rest. A musical celebration and repast will take place at Rock-n-Bowl from 1:30pm to 6:30pm. At 7pm, guests are invited to join a Remembrance of Antoinette at the Mother in Law Lounge.


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  1. Ms. Antoinette was a sweet lady, and a wonderful, non-judgemental friend to many underground New Orleans musicians. She will be greatly missed.

  2. My husband, a musician, Armand St. Martin and I really miss Antoinette very much. She was very kind to us. When we helped spearhead our Midnight Musicians Jam at the Mother In Law Lounge Post-Katrina, we all pulled together for each other; when we helped spearhead our “Dyin’ To Get In” series of music shows to raise money for the Musician’s Tomb Fund, she was right there supporting this cause at the Mother In Law Lounge where the musicians performed; when we were hosting birthday bashes for musicians, they were at the Mother In Law Lounge. She was always there for anybody who stopped by. She was one of a kind and we miss her very much. It just won’t be the same with her gone. She was a bright flower for all of us.

  3. Kevin Alexander Gray | Reply

    Thanks for the post. I forwarded an email to Patty Lee in regards to her “funeral arrangements” post which appeared on my blog. It was sent to me via email as a generic announcement with no authorship. I posted it so that folks in my area who knew Mrs. K-Doe would know & plan accordingly. I claim no authorship on such posting. I live in SC and pass news on to the various alternative and black newspapers in the state. Oftentimes, unless I submit news on a person or matter, it doesn’t get coverage here in our state. In that regard I use my blog as a bulletin board. It is my goal to help make sure that the people of New Orleans continue to receive help and support. That’s my only interest and I assume it’s the interest of blogs such as this. I hope, even in the sadness of Mrs. Doe’s passing that the focus remains on helping NOLA.

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