Chickens Headed to Roost Soon

The film tax credits scandal list of scoundrels is apparently nearly complete with the guilty plea today by Malcolm Petal.

It’s a damn shame how the few writers/publishers making money off Louisiana music have completely ignored the details of this story and its connection to the demise of the state’s main support mechanisms for music. I guess if the occasional ad money from the state keeps flowing, the criticism stays in check.


2 responses

  1. Mr. P

    Another brick in the wall. The scam that Petal admitted to was related to him getting FILM tax credits for the Voodoo Festival! That asks more questions than it answers. What is the status of Bernie’s suit? He is a bleeping hero on this deal and gets very little ink. Without his suit, this never happens. Hope your new job is going well.

  2. New job is going great, thanks. Bernie’s moving forward, still no conclusion. The silence from the people who smeared our work is very sad. Of course the fact that there are so few writers and/or publications who could/should care is sad, too. One prominent local music writer once managed to do a front page, richly detailed article on Ellis Marsalis that did not even mention his 13+ years of service under 3 governors as Chairman of the LMC, the longest tenure in its history. The lack of fair/accurate ink goes back many years. That’s why I started this blog and continue to post. Thanks for reading it.

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