I’ve got a new job

On Monday, March 17 I started a new job as the Crescent City Area Housing Agent at the LSU AgCenter. I’m going to be responsible for educational outreach to consumers, builders and others seeking to rebuild safer, smarter and more sustainably. It’s not a clearly defined role and it crosses into many areas such as storm resistance, energy efficiency and sustainability. Since I’m a longtime advocate for better building and am actively involved in helping bring sustainable building resources to the area; and, since I finally passed the Home Energy Rater Systems (HERS) test (thanks to Southface Energy Institute), am a licensed real estate agent and have a strong background in communications, the folks at the AgCenter tapped me to find ways to reach and assist people in a multi-parish area. It’s a big job.

I’m just getting started learning about all the many services and programs at the LSU AgCenter. One of the primary sources for me will be the Louisiana House (check out the site, its a great resource for Louisiana-specific building research and information to help you save energy and build smarter), a project of the AgCenter.

It’s a fun place to work and I know I’m going to be able to make a difference as a partner in the rebuilding of the area. Watch this space for updates.


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