Stories & Links

Lots of news/info/links to bring to your attention this week.

Times are getting tough and the folks at Strategy+Business want you to know the Signals for the Coming Year.

The New York Times recently reported that an obscure banking market, credit default swaps, is soon going to be getting everyone’s attention. We’re talking about an unregulated market product that involves tens of trillions (!!) of dollars. Read Arcane Market is Next to Face Big Credit Test and then try to remain calm.

A new headline aggregator, Alltop, is online. It’s a great way to scan hundreds of headlines on a variety of topics. My favorite is the Green page but there are also pages for politics, fashion, sports and much more.

I’ve updated the links on one of my other sites, NOLAgreen. And of course (warning: shameless plug) you should visit our real estate pages–and maybe invest in New Orleans– at


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