And Now a Pause for Refreshment….

OK, so not everything I write here is going to be bitching. I also want to share. Here are a couple of important things I’ve connected to recently.

The Long Tail is a book by Chris Anderson of Wired magazine. The link is to his blog based on the book. Anderson has theories about the marketplace that are a must-read for anyone in the music industry and in the technology sector. Change in the music industry has been disruptive. The “industry” has (as it always will) strongly resisted. Anderson connects a lot of dots. If Louisiana’s musicians are to survive, these theories need to be understood and applied.

Richard Louv is the author of “Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder” a powerful and groundbreaking book that explains how and why children are growing up depressed, overweight and distracted. This book represents a new milestone in our understanding of life. I wish I could afford to buy a copy for the entire state legislature and new gubernatorial administration.


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