Music in the schools: A First Step PASSES

SB 299 by Sen. Broome is making its way through the Louisiana Legislature. The bill is part of the legislative package put forth by Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu and creates a system whereby there will be one hour per week of arts education available to K-8 within 3 years and K-12 the folowing year. The bill appears to be on a roll since it passed the senate unanimously. Though not a comprehensive solution, it is a major first step. As Ellis Marsalis advocates, for Louisiana to truly thrive, the arts must be mandated coursework required for graduation and should become a participatory/celebratory component of education that shares the same respect we give sports. Amen.

The Fiscal Note for SB 299 reveals budgetary details that explain how the bill will be implemented. This first step entails creating a system that, at first, will be available to all schools but will by utilized only by schools that budget for the program.

The bill unanimously passed both the House and Senate and now awaits the Governor’s signature. Congratulations to Lt. Gov. Landrieu and staff on this important victory!


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