Hollywood & Louisiana: A Love Affair in a Brothel

You know, it really upsets me how Louisiana politicians and press fall all over themselves for Hollywood. I mean, how is it that millions upon millions of dollars can be spent to help subsidize production for movies and people who are admittedly doing a job here, but whose lives, work and imagination are based elsewhere.

I know this may seem petty, but we are one of the world’s greatest creative wellsprings. We always have been. And yet this creativity is not nurtured.

The major media companies are nothing without content. We are a source of content. It’s long been said in these media-dominated times that “content is king.” Well then why the hell aren’t we king of the hill?

Because we’d rather invest in other people’s dreams than our own.

The prevailing wisdom in Baton Rouge and in the eyes of the few media hounds reporting on government is that an expert is someone from out of state with a briefcase and a plan. And we seem to be a sucker for “experts.”

Our economic development orientation is consistently focused on finding the big fish. And those big fish evidently are not from Louisiana. So our leaders spend their time and money courting German steel mills, Asian automakers and Hollywood developers while back at home our citizens are living, breathing and weaving a creative quilt of cultural riches that is the envy of the world.

The controversy today is whether the movie tax credit system has been abused and misused. Whether or not that’s true, the fact is our indigenous talent has long been ignored by the same people who jump to spend tens, if not hundreds of millions supporting out of state entities while Louisiana talent struggles.

I don’t know what you call it, but I call it a lot of things. And since I don’t want this blog to resort to profanity, I’ll leave it at that.


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  1. […] course Louisiana is spending more than $115,000,000 in cash money as tax credits to buy the friendship of the film industry here. And that money is giving lots of people work, many people from here–including some of […]

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